What is Service Line Coverage on a Homeowners Insurance Policy?

service line coverage

Service line coverage is a type of insurance that protects homeowners in the event that pipes, wiring or utility lines coming into their properties are damaged.

Once a service line leaves the foundation of our home, it is not covered on a standard homeowners insurance policy.

Service line coverage adds back, through endorsement, the costs of repairing the damaged service lines and pipes you are legally responsible for.

Many homeowners find out all too late that this is not something that is not automatically covered in their homeowners’ insurance policy.

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Service Line Coverage Key Ideas

  1. As the homeowner, you’re financially responsible for any service lines that run through your property.
  2. Service line coverage is a homeowner’s insurance endorsement that reimburses you in the event that a utility line is damaged.
  3. Service line coverage is one of the best value coverage endorsements to your homeowners’ insurance, costing as little as $30 annually for $10,000 in coverage.

What Types of Service Lines are Covered?

Depending on your specific homeowners’ insurance company, the following types of service lines coming may be covered through the service line endorsement :

  • Sewer
  • Water
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Power Lines
  • Gas
  • Communication or Data-Transmission Wiring

Service lines are critical to the operation of your home. If one or more are damaged you may be without power, heat, the Internet, etc for an extended period of time.

Without the service line coverage endorsement, you could be facing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars out of pocket that are immediately required to pay for repairs.

What does Service Line Coverage Cover?

The more important question to ask is what service line coverage actually covers.

Here are a few of the losses that could be covered under a standard homeowners insurance service line coverage endorsement:

  • Repair of damage to service lines
  • Costs of excavation
  • Expediting expenses
  • Loss of use or additional living expenses (in the event you are unable to remain in your home until repairs are complete)
  • Outdoor property repairs (to repair damage to your property and other property in the process)

You will most likely be responsible for a deductible with your service line coverage so keep that in mind when comparing policies or plans.

Service Line Coverage Exclusions?

Most service line coverage endorsements have some very specific exclusions.

Common exclusions include:

  • Relocation of wiring or pipes.
  • Septic systems.
  • Replacement of water wells, motors, or pumps.
  • Damage from service lines that are being dismantled, serviced, or installed.
  • Wiring, piping, etc. that runs through a building or a body of water.

The Rub

As the homeowner, you’re on the hook financially for subterranean lines or pipes running through your property; if your water pipes crack or your power line is severed, it’s your responsibility to fix.

Service line coverage is very inexpensive endorsement to add to your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Safeco, for example, offers $10,000 of service line coverage for a $30 additional premium. That’s peanuts compared to the cost of having to pay out of pocket for damage to the service line on your property.

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