Double Your Loans for Every New Client Deal You Fund

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Guarantee Refinance Deals For Every Purchase Deal That You Fund

Dear Mortgage Loan Officers!

Do you want to guarantee a Refinance deal for every Purchase deal that you close?


Do you want to do this without hiring expensive marketers or learning hi-tech systems?

Of course you do…you’re too smart to pass on that.

You can do it all without cold calling, 7AM breakfast meetings or begging for referrals.

I want to show you how you can cut the average cost of your funded loans in half.

Sit tight, let me explain…

My name is Ryan Hanley

I am the founder of Rogue Risk, an independent insurance agency. Like you, I’ve done everything to connect with my referral partners to grow my business. Only to realize that the number one thing my partners wanted was to build their business.

Let’s face it, a full pipeline of qualified people to talk to on a consistent basis is every loan officers dream.

But what if these weren’t “leads?” what if they were the people who have already gotten a loan from you in the past? Your current clients?!

Cutting your costs in half allows you to build your business the way you always dreamed of, regardless of market shifts, or online competition from sources like Zillow.

🛑  Stop paying money for shared leads.
🛑  Stop hiring expensive marketers
🛑  Stop begging realtors for referrals.

Leverage my insurance agency and proprietary system for real mortgage referrals.

Like you I own and operate a small business. Like you I want to partner my insurance agency with lenders who classify themselves as the best.

If you care about your clients, and you want them to have the best experience, I want to connect with you.

I want to show you how we can grow your business…

We want to separate ourselves from every insurance agent you’ve ever known.

I want to put more money in your pocket with consistent, predictable, appointments, submitted apps, and funded loans.

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Common Objections to Partner Program

It’s possible that our Loan Officer Partner Program has piqued your interest, but you’re still a bit skeptical. This is healthy.

Here are our answers to the most common objections we receive to our Loan Officer Partner Program:

We figured you would. That's good thing. But let me ask you real quick, how many loans have they referred back to you in the last month, or year?

How would you feel about working with an insurance agent that actively tracks your clients to increase repeat business and seeks to refer business back to you with a proven system?

That is understandable. Let me ask you, if you knew that a referral relationship could help you consistently get more refinance business than you currently do now, would you consider it?

Our Loan Officer Partner Program was specifically designed to build fences around the clients of our Loan Officer partners. 

Guaranteeing more refinance opportunities.

We know some Loan Officers don't want to get involved in home insurance. But let me ask you, if you knew that creating a strong home insurance referral relationship could consistently get you more refinance business that you currently do now, would you consider it?

We make the home insurance referral process simple, quick and easy. 

Understandable. How often do those agents ever refer your business? Are they protecting you from your clients refinancing with Rocket Mortgage or another competitor? 

This is exactly what our Loan Officer Partner Program is built to do, keep your clients from refinancing with the competition.

What the Loan Officer Partner Program Means for You

New customer acquisitions are essential, but how does customer retention impact your bottom line? Here are a few insights from Invesp Consulting’s research study.

  • Acquiring a new customer is five times as expensive as retaining an existing customer.
  • Growing customer retention rates by 5% will increase profits by 25-95%.
  • When it comes to revenue, customer retention is hugely important to consistent growth and financial planning.

If you believe that prolonging the lifetime of a customer makes them more valuable, then you’ll be happy to know that the Rogue Risk Loan Officer Partner Program to make your client relationships “stickier” over time.

Top 5 Reasons To Add Rogue Risk As A Referral Partner

  • To make more money. We put more deals in front of you WITHOUT you having spend time or money marketing. This is an untapped revenue stream no other insurance agency partner would offer you.
  • To expand your market potential. Our broad underwriting appetite, competitive pricing, and premium insurance carrier portfolio help to avoid large down payments and tough to place risks.
  • To save time. Stop chasing your clients for refinancing deals only to miss opportunities left to competitors. We’ll take care of that. And with online tools for rating and communicating with underwriting, we’ll provide your quotes FAST.
  • To increase customer retention. If you bring your business to Rogue Risk, YOU retain control of the relationship. Period. We notify YOU when one of your clients tries to refinance with someone else. 
  • To work with a stable, trustworthy company. Because of our preferred status with insurance carrier partnerships, we operate using processes and procedures that produce a superior level of coverage and pricing for your clients.

Are you ready to get started?

Joining our Loan Officer Partner Program is easy!

ryan hanley rogue risk

There is no contract. We just make a commitment to each other. That’s it.

Our supportive and dedicated account management team are here to support your

customers on their home buying journey.

Stop leaving money on the table and missing out on a competitive advantage.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

Ryan Hanley, Founder & President, Rogue Risk

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