Is Homeowners Insurance Required by Law?

is homeowners insurance required by law

Every homeowner has asked themselves, “Is homeowners insurance required by law?”

The answer is “No.”

However, that doesn’t mean you can run out and cancel your homeowners insurance to save some money.

Most banks and lenders, regardless if its a big national bank, or a small community credit union, require you to purchase and maintain homeowners insurance as part of the mortgage obligation.

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Is Homeowners Insurance Required By Law?

In 99+ percent of cases, you are going to be required to purchase homeowners’ insurance in order to get a loan and will need to maintain homeowners insurance to stay in good standing on the loan.

But don’t think of home insurance as a necessary evil. The insurance coverages included in a standard homeowners insurance policy are broad and diverse. They pick up many of the potential accidents and incidents that happen to you and your family both on your property and off.

Homeowner Insurance Resources

Here are a few resources that can you better understand homeowners insurance:

If you would like a quote for homeowners insurance, you can find How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost?

The Rub

Homeowners’ insurance is a good idea for many reasons.

But the answer this particular question, (“Is homeowners insurance required by law?”), is no, it is not, but will be essentially mandated by your lending institution.

In order to get a homeowner’s policy, you need to reach out to an insurance agent that understands how to write the correct homeowners’ insurance for you, your family, your specific needs at the most competitive rate available.

Rogue Risk would like to be that insurance agent.

We are homeowners insurance experts, it’s what we do all day long here at Rogue Risk.

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Michael Fiacco
Michael Fiacco
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Ryan and his team work for you. I would highly recommend giving them a look at your business needs for honest feed back.
Matthew Davison
Matthew Davison
Chief Business Officer
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I’ve found Ryan and Rogue Risk to be professional and easy to work with. Most importantly, they are super responsive and offered up compelling coverage solutions that could save us money on our home and auto insurance, without sacrificing quality.
Lea Rutherford
Lea Rutherford
Financial Coordinator
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Rogue Risk has been awesome to work with! They know how to explain complex matter to you very simply and provides exceptional customer service.

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