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Rogue Risk is redefining what it means to receive a best-in-class insurance experience. Too often you are forced to struggle through the insurance buying process. You are left confused; questioning whether or not what your time and money were spent well or wasted.
Rogue Risk is different.
Through the integration of technology and experienced insurance professionals, we’re able to deliver insurance solutions faster and easier while prioritizing coverage. We over communicate, on your terms, in order to reduce the confusion and frustration commonly associated with securing an insurance program. In most cases, we’re able to add money back to your bottom line while improving your insurance program’s effectiveness and efficiency. Rogue Risk is not for everyone. However, if you share our belief in coverage over price and people before profit then we may be right for you.

“Our mission is simple — deliver value. every time.” — ryan Hanley, Founder

Commercial Insurance

Rogue Risk is
Insurance done Differently

we don’t just “shop” Your Insurance We Reduce Your Total Cost of Risk.

Lowering your premiums is where most agencies stop. At Rogue Risk, that’s where we begin…

We have access to the best insurance products available in the marketplace and can build you an insurance program that fits your coverage needs and your budget:

  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers Comp
  • Professional Liability
  • Cyber Insurance
  • And many other coverages to fit your need…

Why choose Rogue Risk for Your
Commercial Insurance Agency Partner?

We are here to give you real insurance advice while doing everything we can to save you money and free up cash flow for your business. We don’t just reduce your premiums,  we target your total cost of risk.

At Rogue Risk, we help our clients “Win” the insurance game.

We do this through our proprietary five-step “Game-winning” process:

  1. Risk Assessment and Due Diligence
  2. Hire One Agent
  3. Create Competition Among Insurance Carriers
  4. Risk Package Timing
  5. Deliver Compelling Risk Story

Through this process, we help our clients create a compelling carrier submissions that will cut costs and reduce the Total Cost of Risk while maintaining the coverage you need to thrive.

The Rogue Way

We’ve perfected the quoting process.

We take your time seriously by asking you only the essential questions. This is our process from start to finish.

1) Meet & Greet

When we meet new clients, we usually find that their current insurance plan neglects their needs.

We get started with a short initial chat to look at your current insurance policy and what it’s covering you for.

We don’t ask you unessential questions. Instead, we:

  • Uncover your real exposures, what really matters to you,
  • Design a plan to protect you, and,
  • Save you as much money as possible.

2) Designing the Best Plan for You

With your answered questions, we then assess your current insurance program.

If it turns out that you’re getting a better deal where you are now, we’ll tell you.

In fact, we’ll even tell you what to change with your current insurance to ensure you’re protected.

However, if we notice that you’re under or over-insured, we present an eye-opening insurance program comparing what you have now to what you really need.

Our focus is make sure you’re only paying for coverage you need, while also not missing coverage you do need.

3) Discover the Lowest Rates

Once we’ve worked out how to give you the best level of coverage, we compare your plan against our portfolio of insurance companies to find you the best rates.

Many of these insurance companies have hidden discounts that you deserve, but aren’t currently receiving.

4) The Perfect Insurance Policy

Once we’ve found you the best rates, we’ll send you a beautifully designed document comparing your current policy to the type of policy you really need, along with quotes.

Together, we’ll discuss how the quotes meet your needs, as well as more possible solutions to bring you the best balance of advice, coverage, and price.

After this you will know and understand what your insurance will do for you.

5) Count on Rogue as Your Partner


You now have a policy tailored exactly to your needs. Our service doesn’t stop here, though!

Together with our insurance company partners we’ll always be in your corner, helping you whenever you need advice.

Your dedicated insurance advisor is only a phone call away if you ever have a question.

We’ll also stay in touch to make sure your insurance plan keeps up with you as your life changes.

Are you ready to save time, money and reduce your total cost of risk?

Click the button below to get the process started. It’s simple and fast.



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