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pa workers comp insurance
Insurance & Risk Management Insights

PA Workers Compensation Insurance: What You Need to Know

We’re workers compensation specialists and can help you navigate the market and workforce changes to make sure you have the coverage you without being overcharged.

diy workers comp insurance gone wrong
Insurance & Risk Management Insights

[Story] The Wrong Way To Purchase Workers Comp Insurance

Here is the story of a contracting business that recently called us after receiving a $13,000 worker’s comp audit bill in the mail. This story …

builders risk insurance
Insurance & Risk Management Insights

Builders Risk Insurance: Everything you Need to Know

Builder’s risk insurance, or as it is also known as, “Construction insurance,” covers a builder or contractor’s property, material, and equipment as it relates to a residential or commercial building or project under construction.

The team at Rogue Risk has redefined for us what it means to work with a professional insurance agent. They discussed aspects of our business we’d never considered before.

Carol McIntyre, Agency Client

Rogue Risk has been a tremendous resource for both myself and my business — not just with insurance. They truly care about their clients, which is refreshing in an insurance professionals.

Sam Carbone, Agency Client

We hired Rogue Risk our insurance professional and have never looked back. We couldn’t imagine putting our insurance program with anyone else having experienced their work firsthand.

John Combs, Commercial Client

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